Gregg Kennard for Georgia


I am humbled and honored that Georgia Equality, whose mission is to advance fairness, safety and opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, has endorsed my candidacy for House District 102.



“Finally, I feel like we have people running for office in our community who are actually representative of all the people who live here. Best of luck Gregg. You've got the votes from everyone in our household.” 

“If there was ever one qualified to bring about change and stimulate growth in a positive way it would be Gregg Kennard!”

“Gregg is a man of God & people. Anyone who knows him loves & respects him... Forever... He is a man who cares & one who also knows how to get things done because he is a born leader.”

“Gregg has demonstrated throughout his years of service as a great pastor, husband, and leader for many, so how much more will he demonstrate as a leader in politics.”

“Gregg Kennard would be an excellent choice. He cares about people and he gets things done.”

“I support this candidate wholeheartedly as I've personally witnessed his incredible contributions to society. He has changed many, MANY lives through his teachings and programs, and if he can help so many at their absolute lowest I know he can and will do amazing things for our society as a whole.



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