Gregg Kennard for Georgia

About the Candidate

I believe I will continue to be an effective representative for District 102 because my personal and professional roles as a community-member/leader, family man, pastor, and executive director give me significant experience with a diverse, cross-section of people. I believe my background of creating social solutions for over 30 years, offers me a unique and strategic view and voice to find common-sense, win-win ideas. 

I was born in Atlanta in 1966, raised in Gwinnett County and attended Gwinnett County Public Schools. I have been married for 26 years, and my wife and I have three daughters who also attended Gwinnett schools; two are now teaching for GCPS. 

Issues that are close to my heart would include economic development for all, access to quality education for all, criminal and social justice reform, common-sense immigration policies, improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of social services, broadening public transportation, and creating legislation that provides and equitable opportunity for success to all of Georgia's citizens. 

Georgia has a lot of good things going, and I want to continue these efforts to elevate the quality for life for everyone within its historic borders.

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